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Christmas HOPE - Day 2

2 Kings 4:28-“Did I ask you for a son, my lord?” she said. “Didn’t I tell you, ‘Don’t raise my hopes’"

This story in the Old Testament is about a nameless woman from a town called Shunem. Her husband's desire was to prosper on a farm, have a home, and hopefully raise a family. The woman's desire was to care for her husband and a for guests, and also in hopes of a family. Things were going well for the couple. They had a farm with servants. They had a home and even built an addition for guests to stay in. Specifically a guest who'd frequent the region named Elisha, a prophet who generally resided on Mount Carmel. The only problem they were going through was conceiving a child. The mother was so hopeful to one day hold a baby in her arms. If you know the rest of this story the woman does conceive - and the finish to the story is even better.

Did you know this message is truly a sign that we celebrate at Christmas? Just like this story, the world needed hope. It needed hope thousands of years before Jesus came to earth. It needed hope while he was here during his ministry. The world has needed hope ever since. But the best news is that hope was delivered. An angel showed up to a virgin and she gave birth to a son (which is called Emmanuel - "God with us").

There are many hopes we raise, especially during Christmas time! Examples, "I wonder if they'll like the present I purchased and wrapped for them? - I hope so!" "I hope the ham is cooked thoroughly, the kids get what they wanted, family can all get together, etc." We hope so. And the message from today's verse can bring us this hope. Hope of things that are as large as a new born child. Hope of a freedom from addiction. Hope for a relationship mended. But often we look to God and say, "God, don't raise my hopes."

Here's your hope for today. Jesus Christ came to deliver to you the greatest gift you could ever possibly receive - Him. He is "with us". He will never, ever, ever, leave you. He won't quit on you. Even if all hope seems lost - know that He is with you. The great hope bringer. The deliverer of hope.

What do you hope for this Christmas? Perhaps the gift you receive this 2019 Christmas is the greatest you've ever accepted into your life. He name is Jesus. His name brings you hope.

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