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Christmas HOPE - Day 5

Psalm 119:105 - "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

Here's a fun question I like to ask people; who is your favorite movie star or favorite singer?

For me, I always answer this way; I have five favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gylenhall, Robert Deniro, Clint Eastwood. Musically; Metallica, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Hillsong United and Crossing Creative Group. How about you? Who is your favorite star?

During Christmas time a star for many people is hung on the top of the tree. Have you ever wondered why a star? The bible says that God placed all the stars in the sky and He knows them each by name? That to me is amazing! I could really rabbit trail here about all the nights by a campfire looking up on a clear night and watching the stars. Why a star at the top of the Christmas tree? Here's my simple answer to that question: because it is a symbol of Scripture guiding your path.

One of my fun things I'll share is when my wife and I study scripture together she lights up like a Christmas tree. Both of our days 'feel' more deliberate, complete and whole. On the other hand, when we miss a day or two - it seems so funky and dysfunctional. Scripture truly guides our paths studying it together.

In the Christmas story we're told that the wise men followed a star to guide them to Bethlehem where a child was born. The savior of the world. The messiah, the coming king. They started believing in Jesus before they even met Jesus by following a star! Did you know that in 1-5 b.c. Chinese astronomers record a bright light going across the sky for 70 days? In other words, an entire nation who believe in a different God than Christians recall an account that proves the story of the wise men.

So here's a bit of hope for you today based on our verse in Psalm 119; the bible has a star in it! His name is Jesus. His words are always positive. They are always life-giving. The always help in times of good or trouble. They are a light to guide you and give direction to make wise decisions. The secret is to see that there's an incredible star in the pages named Jesus who's more fascinating and more hope-filled than anyone or anything else. I love to watch my favorite movie stars. Forrest Gump and Tom Hanks - classic! Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry (so what's it going to be punk?) - amazing! Musically - Aerosmith hands down the best live concert. Hillsong and Brooke Frazer singing Hosanna - oh my! But for me, the star of the show called life, heaven, forever is Jesus Christ. When you place a star on the Christmas tree this year will you see it with me this way? That is to recognize the king who came to us to save us from all the hopelessness, guilt and shame and regret, to forgive us and bring us hope for a bright future - through His word! Will you join me this Christmas season by opening up the pages of the greatest recorded book of all time and see the star - Jesus?!

I can't wait to meet the star of the show, how about you?

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