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Destiny determined

Can you identify with any of these words: Depressed, discouraged, hurt, frustrated, angry, worried, anxious, stressed, divorced, lonely, worthless, hopeless, lost or broken?

Guess what? Most everyone that I've ever met is experiencing one or more of the above right now. We grin and try to wear our best smile, but on the inside it's a hot mess. Like perfume or make up for a lady, we use a variety of forms to cover up what's going on with the real you. May I just simply encourage you through a blog that you're not alone. Not everybody is against you. Your road to your destiny is out in front of you yet there's pot holes that leave us busted up and confused. Let me say it again, you are not alone in this life.

It's easier at times to float along and not have to peel back the layers of past hurts and regrets. It's easier to avoid looking deep into a mirror at yourself. The truth is that you were given this ONE incredible experience called life. Now, you might say it's not all that incredible. "Pastor, didn't you read what you wrote up at the top? I'm going through it and it seems like there's no hope. Just forget it, I'll figure it out on my own."

I've brought all this up because it seems as though we are in the most emotional time that I've ever seen in this life. It's heavy. It's hard. Society is so fragile. You know what, I get it. But you can do this thing. You have a place and a purpose that you've been designed for. It's more than a career. It's more than money. It's more than how many selfie pics get liked on social media. I'm just a guy looking to tell anybody about the only somebody - Jesus.

If you've tried everything to "fix it" but found that all you've been left with is more brokenness, hurt and frustration - maybe you could give Jesus a chance. He took me (an alcoholic) and brought me into ministry as a pastor. What could he do for you? Your road to your destiny is promising and you have a purpose. Instead of trying to fix it, see if Jesus can. There's hope still!

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