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Why or why not?

A simple yet complex question keeps coming to me - when will churches be able to open again? Obviously for those who read this in the year 2020 you know we're experiencing a global pandemic. Honestly, something this world has seen many times but for those of us living currently it's the first in our lifetime. Everything gets shut down, but some things do not. Opinions, rants, complaints, rage and anger, fear along with assorted emotions have taken hold as many sit in quarantine wondering when the pandemic restrictions will be lifted and normal life will resume. Again, the question is asked what about the church?

For some leaders they have made the call to reopen their churches only to find about 20% of their congregation is attending. Children's ministry is minimal or eliminated to protect the little ones and people are seated 6 chairs apart from one another. Other leaders have said they won't open until all the restrictions have been lifted. This leaves the capital C church in a conundrum. I truly don't believe that any minister doesn't want their respective church to reopen. What I believe most is that ministers are charged to shepherd those that are under their care and therefore making the best comprehensive decisions for their people.

What I hope to encourage you with (if you're a church goer) is to not give up on your church. Don't go to another church because they decided to reopen and yours didn't. An attender certainly has the right to go to any church they choose at anytime. My point however is to stick with the church family that you're part of. Stick with the vision and mission that God has called on your church. Church is the body and the body has to work together. It makes it extremely tough for all ministers right now who are doing what they can to offer virtual services or prepare for a grand reopening. Myself included in that equation. Know this, your church family loves you and misses you. We all miss social interaction with others. For some, social distancing is not a big deal yet for others it is a huge deal.

None of us can predict the future of what the new normal will look like so please, I implore you to stay with your church family. If their virtual, plug in on Sundays and during the week. If they're meeting in person, come out if you are o.k being around people. I love people and cannot wait to be back to normal. In the meantime, I wait.

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